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Title: Search for gamma ray bursts with the argo-ybj detector in scaler mode
Authors: Aielli, G.
Bacci, Cesare
Barone, F.
Bartoli, B.
Bernardini, P.
Bi, X. J.
Bleve, C.
Branchini, P.
Budano, A.
Bussino, S.
Melcarne, A. K. Calabrese
Camarri, P.
Cao, Z.
Cappa, A.
Cardarelli, R.
Catalanotti, S.
Cattaneo, C.
Cavaliere, S.
Celio, Paola
Chen, S. Z.
Cheng, N.
Creti, P.
Cui, S. W.
Dai, B. Z.
Staiti, G. D'Ali
Dattoli, M.
De Mitri, I.
De Rosa, R.
Piazzoli, B. D'Ettorre
De Vincenzi, Mario
Di Girolamo, T.
Ding, X. H.
Di Sciascio, G.
Feng, C. F.
Feng, Zhaoyang
Feng, Zhenyong
Galeazzi, F.
Galeotti, P.
Gao, X. Y.
Gargana, R.
Garufi, F.
Gou, Q. B.
Guo, Y. Q.
He, H. H.
Hu, Haibing
Hu, Hongbo
Huang, Q.
Iacovacci, M.
Iuppa, R.
James, Irina
Jia, H. Y.
Li, H. J.
Li, J. Y.
Liberti, B.
Liguori, G.
Liu, C. Q.
Liu, J.
Lu, H.
Mancarella, G.
Mari, Stefano Maria
Marsella, G.
Martello, D.
Mastroianni, S.
Meng, X. R.
Mu, J.
Ning, C. C.
Palummo, L.
Panareo, M.
Perrone, L.
Pistilli, Pio
Qu, X. B.
Rossi, E.
Ruggieri, F.
Saggese, L.
Salvini, P.
Santonico, R.
Segreto, A.
Shen, P. R.
Sheng, X. D.
Shi, F.
Stanescu, C.
Surdo, A.
Tan, Y. H.
Vallania, P.
Vernetto, S.
Vigorito, C.
Wang, H.
Wang, Y. G.
Wu, C. Y.
Wu, H. R.
Xu, B.
Xue, L.
Yang, H. T.
Yang, Q. Y.
Yang, X. C.
Yu, G. C.
Yuan, A. F.
Zha, M.
Zhang, H. M.
Zhang, J. L.
Zhang, L.
Zhang, P.
Zhang, X. Y.
Zhang, Y.
Zhou, X. X.
Zhu, F. R.
Zhu, Q. Q.
Zizzi, G.
Issue Date: Jul-2009
Abstract: We report on the search for gamma ray bursts (GRBs) in the energy range1-100 GeV in coincidence with the prompt emission detected bysatellites using the Astrophysical Radiation with Ground-basedObservatory at YangBaJing (ARGO-YBJ) air shower detector. Thanks to itsmountain location (Yangbajing, Tibet, People's Republic of China, 4300m above sea level), active surface (similar to 6700 m(2) of ResistivePlate Chambers), and large field of view (similar to 2 sr, limited onlyby the atmospheric absorp
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2307/333
ISSN: 0004-637X
DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/699/2/1281
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