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Title: ARGO-YBJ constraints on very high energy emission from GRBs
Authors: Aielli, G.
Bacci, Cesare
Bartoli, B.
Bernardini, P.
Bi, X. J.
Bleve, C.
Branchini, Paolo
Budano, Antonio
Bussino, Severino
Calabrese Melcarne, A. K.
Camarri, P.
Zhang, JianLi
Zhang, L.
Zhang, P.
Zhang, X. Y.
Zhang, Y.
Zhou, X. X.
Zhu, F. R.
Zhu, Q. Q.
Zizzi, G.
Cao, Z.
Cappa, A.
Cardarelli, R.
Catalanotti, S.
Cattaneo, C.
Celio, Paola
Chen, S. Z.
Chen, Y.
Cheng, N.
Creti, P.
Cui, S. W.
Dai, B. Z.
D'Ali Staiti, G.
Dattoli, M.
De Mitri, I.
D'Ettorre Piazzoli, B.
De Vincenzi, Mario
Di Girolamo, T.
Ding, X. H.
Di Sciascio, G.
Feng, C. F.
Feng, Zhaoyang
Feng, Zhenyong
Galeazzi, Fulvio
Galeotti, P.
Gargana, Riccardo
Gou, Q. B.
Guo, Y. Q.
He, H. H.
Hu, Haibing
Hu, Hongbo
Huang, Q.
Iacovacci, M.
Iuppa, R.
James, Irina
Jia, H. Y.
Li, H. J.
Li, J. Y.
Li, X. X.
Liberti, B.
Liguori, G.
Liu, C.
Liu, C. Q.
Liu, M. Y.
Liu, J.
Lu, H.
Ma, X. H.
Mancarella, G.
Mari, Stefano Maria
Marsella, G.
Martello, D.
Mastroianni, S.
Meng, X. R.
Montini, Paolo
Ning, C. C.
Pagliaro, A.
Panareo, M.
Perrone, L.
Pistilli, Pio
Qu, X. B.
Rossi, E.
Ruggieri, Federico
Saggese, L.
Salvini, P.
Santonico, R.
Shen, P. R.
Sheng, X. D.
Shi, F.
Stanescu, Cristian
Surdo, A.
Tan, Y. H.
Vallania, P.
Vernetto, S.
Vigorito, C.
Wang, B.
Wang, H.
Wu, C. Y.
Wu, H. R.
Xu, B.
Xue, L.
Yan, Y. X.
Yang, Q. Y.
Yang, X. C.
Yuan, A. F.
Zha, M.
Zhang, H. M.
Zhang, JiLong
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The ARGO-YBJ (Astrophysical Radiation Ground-based Observatory at YangBajing) experiment is designed for very high energy gamma-astronomy and cosmic ray researches. Due to the full coverage of a large area(5600 m(2)) with resistive plate chambers at a very high altitude (4300m a.s.l.), the ARGO-YBJ detector is used to search for transient phenomena, such as Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). Because the ARGO-YBJ detector has a large field of view (similar to 2 sr) and is operated with a high duty cycle (>
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2307/368
ISSN: 0927-6505
DOI: 10.1016/j.astropartphys.2009.05.005
URL: http://arxiv.org/abs/0903.0119
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